Montag, 2. April 2012

Let´s go Pens! Nail Art inspired by the NHL Team of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Although I am from Europe, I love to watch hockey from North-America and the Penguins from Pittsburgh are my favorite NHL team. As it is the beginning of April, the regular season comes soon to an end, and the playoffs are just around the corner.
Well the last week didn´t go quite as well as the weeks before, when the Pens had an 11-game winning streak. The two tough losses against the New York Islanders showed some problems they have had to deal with, especially in the defense, but they came back and won an important game in Buffalo (who was currently the hottest team in NHL with a 5 game winning streak and they are still batteling for a playoff spot). Unfortunatelly last sunday, meaning yesterday, the Pens lost the game against their cross-state rival, the Philadelphia Flyers. It was a match fought very hard, and they will have another match against each other in the regular season. Apparently that will be the last game and it will take place next saturday in Pittsburgh. (The Penguins have just 3 games left, they will play in Boston on tuesday and will face the New York Rangers (thursday) and the Flyers on home ice)
So I am very excited for the upcoming playoffs, (and that they will most likely face the Flyers in the first round, even though I am not sure, if the winner will pass another round, then)
Personally, I hope that the Penguins could make a deep run into the playoffs and hopefully they will A)reach the Stanley Cup Finals and B)raise the Cup for the 4th time in their franchise history.
Well you just know: "Because it´s the cup"!

That said, I wanted to create a Nail Art to show my support for that team and here it is:
Something in black, white and gold and of course with Penguins!

What I used:
Black polish: Manhattan 1010N
White polish: OPI Alpine Snow
Gold polish: (Applied with a sponge) essence gold rush & shiny godness

Base Coat: Essie Help me grow
Top Coat: Essie Good to go
Stamping: Image Plate HB-41

OPI Alpine Snow - Manhattan 1010N

Black&White plus some Gold: Essence goldrush & shiny godness
Stamping with HB-41

And last but not least, I wanna show you my "Playmobil" Penguins:

Just one thing left to say: Let´s go pens!


  1. di pingus auf den nägel sehen super süß aus ;)
    Liebe Grüße

  2. dankschön für dein liebes Kommentar :)
    Freue mich das du mich ab jetzt verfolgst ;)
    Liebe Grüße


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