Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2013

A girl's weight loss journey- #1 getting started

I've always been the big girl. So I really don't know, how it feels to be thin. But, in school I rather was the kind of girl that didn't get any attention than beeing bullied.

So when I arrived here in Ireland, it was kind of a new start for me.
I ate healthier, more vegetables, salad and fruit. I went outside, walked and I started to be more active in general. And I lost weight. Well I don't know, how much, because I didn't weigh myself for a longer time, then.

At the beginning of this year, however, I decided to do that weight loss theme properly. Well, I was encouragement from my hostmum, she always mentioned, that I lost weight, and told me, that I would look better, without the additional weight. And I really felt better. So it was her, who brought me to Weight Watchers, as she lost weight herself through this programme.

So I went to my first meeting on a Wednesday in the middle of January, 5 weeks ago. And I have to say, that I love it. First it takes some time to get used to count the points but, when you have an idea, what products are having less or zero points you are on a safe side. Fruits and lots of vegetables have a ProPoints Value of Zero, so it's great to fill you up. Having a salad with chicken and egg sounds really yummy to me, and makes a great and filling lunch.

Well, I am not advertising for Weight Watchers, but I want to share what works for me and I want so show and tell you, how I keep going, and maybe you want to join and follow me on my journey!

So let me tell you something about the Weight Watchers programme. It's not a strict diet, its kind of a change into your eating habits, and I think this is what I really needed. You have to change your eating habits rather than dieting, e.g. eating only carbs or proteins. Nothing is not allowed, but some food has higher ProPoints than others (based on Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Fibres). I would say, in theory, you could eat everything, but in moderation.
You have a daily allowance in ProPoints, based on gender, age, height and weight and a weekly allowance of 49 ProPoints that you could use for special treats or if you want to go out, having a Pint or going to a restaurant.

I, for example, found out, that 7 pieces of fruit and veg a day keep me kind of happy. I feel fitter, less lethargic and not that tired as I used to be. I tend to eat more veg & salad than fruits, because fuits usually contain fruit sugar, that has calories as well.

So and yeah, I know pretty well by myself that I am fat. So everyone who sees me on the streets should shut up, I really don't need anybody to tell me that. I am not a fan of negative criticism, it would hurt me more than it would help me. I need someone who keeps me motivated, even if I just lose one pound a week or nothing.

And this is why I love my meetings. Actually, it's my favourite day during the week. The meetings are great fun and the members all in the same boat. Well, maybe there are people who could do it all on their own and just want to do it alone, because they feel confident to stay on track. I, myself, found out that I need that extra push. The support keeps me going and focused. It's definitely worth it to have this day during the week, where you meet the others and you have your "weigh-ins", and seeing a minus on the scales is such a great feeling.
But even if that's not the point, there is your leader to cheer you up, you know, there is always a next week! And I love my leader, she is great and she really knows her job.

So, with this new kategory on my blog, I will keep you informed about my weekly process. I want to share my feelings & goals for the upcoming weeks, tips, recipes and so on.

This was my fifth week, I attended a WW-meeting, and so the fourth week I lost weight:

Number of Weeks: 4

Weight loss: -4 1/2 lbs/ ~2kg
Weight loss in total: -13 1/2 lbs/~6kg

Feelings: I am so so happy! I was dissapointed about last week, because I lost only one pound then, although I should have been happy, that there was a minus on the scales.
This week on the other hand, I thought, that I didn't lose anything, I didn't feel to good, I was craving for a lot of sweet things (what doesn't mean that I ate all of them).
So this was a real surprise for me and I couldn't be more happy with this week's result.

Favourite Food: homemade Pizza, with lots of yummy vegetables - roasted chicken with potatoes and veg
Favourite Treat: Cupcakes by M&S - Brownies

Goals & Plans for this week: more walking, at least 30minutes 5 times a week. I really want to see a total weight loss of 1 stone next week (I have 1/2lb to go) but I would love a weight loss of 4 pounds as well :-)
I'd love to go to the pool for a swim, hope I could realise that this weekend, why not using a wonderful Sunday morning for a little pool session?

Tips/Inspirations for the week: Set yourself small goals. You can't do it all in one week (You know the saying, that Rome wasn't build in one day, right?!)
You have to want it for yourself and just do it for yourself, not for anyone else, if you don't want it, you won't be motivated, but if you really want to change something, do it now and not in one week or one month, start today by moving more, walking doesn't cost anything, except your own effort to do it!!


  1. Ich finde es super, dass Du Dich entschlossen hast, bei WW mitzumachen, vor Allem, da es Dir offenbar riesigen Spaß macht. Aber sei geduldig mit Dir, ein Pfund pro Woche abzunehmen ist mehr als genug, es ist besser für die Gesundheit und Deine Haut hat eine reelle Chance, mit Dir zu schrumpfen. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Spaß und langsamen, aber stetigen Erfolg! ♥♥♥

  2. Super Franzi, weiter so! Ich wünsch dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und Durchhaltevermögen, dass du bald dein Wunschgewicht erreichst. Was ist denn dein Ziel, wieviel hast du dir vorgenommen abzunehmen?


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