Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Birthday Girl - Pic Spam

First, I want to thank all my friends for your kind birthday wishes, really much appreciated!

I just woke up this morning by thinking, I am 25 now, so that would mean the 30 is coming in just five years, well not really a positive thing then :-)

Well I to keep it short, I want to show you some impressions from my birthday (I just celebrated with my family).
Enjoy it!

As it is a great sunny day (well it was in the morning), I chose one of my favorite dresses (from H&M) for that day, I love it, because it is so flattering, and the colors are so awesome:

And yup, the sun just disappeared after painting my nails with a holo polish from A England....
It's Princess Sabra, and I just love it. (To be honest, I first thought, that this would be the polish I'd least to buy from the Legend Collection, but then I saw some great swatches and now I am very happy, to have it)
1 x Essie Nourish me, 2x A England Princess Sabra (light green/yellow holo), 1x Essie Good to go

A England Princess Sabra

So, I just want to left you some pic spam next! (Well there weren't pictures above, after all *eyesroll*)

Birthday cakes :-)
Chocolate Cake:

Strawberry Cake: (I think, this is one of the best things, having birthday in May, the yummy strawberrys!)

Some of the lovely presents I got:

One of the presents I got from my parents, really love this bag, can't wait to take it out!

This bag is handmade by my brother's girlfriend. It's awesome, I really love it, and I am so happy, that she made one for me!

Ha, got this from my bro (along with an other gift), well it's from Shaun the Sheep, and it's so so so cute. :-)

From my two cousins (both girls), it's awesome! Well, I love cooking  and chocolate, can't get better!

From my aunt, it's kind of an apple wine cocktail with elderflower sirup (well this is what's on the label, I have no idea, how it tastes, :-)) and  it's from a regional seller

From my Granny, it's Essie's Peach Daiquiri and Sew Psyched. Can't wait to try them. They are gorgeous!

So leave you with that. Had a great day!

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