Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

A girl's weight-loss-journey #6 - Staying on track

Hello there!
This won't be a long one, as I will to busy and gone at the next weekend - it's Easter and I will be down in Galway for the Food Festival  - to write a proper article.

Statistics and key information:
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Number of weeks: 9
Weight loss this week: -2 lbs, ~ 0.9 kg
Weight loss in total: -2st ½lbs, ~12,5kg
Feeling: I reached another “milestone” this week, with losing my second stone in 9 weeks. I am so happy, and without sounding to cheeky, I am proud of myself and it's just great, to get the applause from all the other members after my leader announced my two stone weight-loss at the end of the meeting this morning. I kind of had a good week, although I “just” lost 2lbs. I am happy with that and haven't had any cravings during my PMS this time, which totally surprised me.
This whole week, I never thought of the amount I would have lost, but last night in my bed, I was kind of thinking, and panicking: What if I haven't lost anything? I kind of pressurized myself and I, myself, would have been disappointed. I know, that there could be weeks without seeing anything on the scales, but it would have meant, that I didn't put in all my effort. Actually no one would say that, except of me, and just me.
I know, as well, that I should change my attitude and that means, I will try to take it from week to week and every week, as it comes. There might be better ones than others.
Favourite food: Prawn Curry with rice, pasta bake with mushrooms and tomatoes, pork fillet with potatoes and vegetables
Favourite treats: Hot cross bun, Cadbury Roses
Goals & plans for the next week: Last week: walking on three days, due to weather conditions and school holidays.
Next weekend is Easter, so I might use more than my weekly ProPoints, I am used to, for some Easter chocolate indulgence. Chocolate is definitely my downfall. I will also be in Galway for it's annual food festival. I am really excited about the things, I will see there. I hope it won't be to hard to stay on track. I think, this is my first real challenge, as it is something unusual and I don't know what to expect. But I am really looking forward to this weekend, anyways, and food should not reign over your whole life.
Tips and thoughts: I just have two ideas for this week: 1) Make your weight-loss visible: put two cents, for example, in a glass for every pound you've lost during a week and 50 cent for every whole stone you've lost. At the end of your journey, you could use the money for buying yourself a new top in your new size or something else, that symbolizes your “new you”.
2) Award yourself with something non-food related for every “milestone” you achieved. Buy new earrings, nail polish, a book or something else you would like.

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