Freitag, 23. September 2011

[NOTD] OPI - Fall shades Touring America Collection Honk if you love OPI/ Get in the Expresso Lane

OPI - Honk if you love OPI, dark purple perfect for fall

Well I am addicted to nailpolish, especially OPI, they do some great ones.
I can´t help myself, but I love the new darker polishes for fall. So I decided, to start with some in this blog, my first one is the "Honk if you love OPI", it is a dark purple, and after two coats it is much darker than in the bottle, but this is the way I wanted it. For me, there are never enough of these dark coloured polishes, they are almost black, I guess a lot of people would say that, but you can definitely see, that it is a purple tone. 
OPI - Honk if you love OPI, with a little bit more sunshine, and you can see the purple tone


OPI - Get in the Expresso Lane

The next colour I want to show you is "Get in the Expresso Lane". First, as you can see, after two coats the polish is a lot darker on my nails than in the bottle. But I really like it, on my nails, it has definitely the colour tone of a espresso coffee. Love it, today, I wear this polish with brown trousers and a teal coloured shirt, it looks great, and as I said earlier, this dark shades are great for this upcoming fall!

OPI - Get in the Expresso Lane

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