Dienstag, 13. März 2012

"Me and the monkey" - Nail Art

So, I really love stamping and Nail Art, but sometimes I don´t have the inspiration, doing great Nail Art things. So I found a great blog and a cute stamping/Nail Art, I had to try. And so I did, well kind of, it is not as perfect as there from Sarah Louise, but I like the monkeys a lot

So this is what I used:
1x Perfect Formula Gel Coat
2x Artdeco #117
1x Essence BTGN Top Sealer
for the "plants" (well actually, it should look like fern or something like that, I am not sure it does) Yves Rocher Sapin - S-he # 469, essence colourbration, catrice king of greens (I used a brush to apply the colors)
for the monkey I used Yves Rocher Ebène and Dashica´s SdP-54
on top 1x essence quick dry top coat

and this is what it looks like now

Have a great week!


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