Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

[FOOD]My brother´s birthday - pic spam

So, it´s my "little" brothers birthday today (well you know he is just younger than me, but of course taller..) we had have some guests this evening and so we did some cooking an baking. And here are some inspirations for you:

The birthday-cake: well these are 4 little hearts we just put together to create a shamrock (it´s not that he turns 4 this year, but I was not sure we could put all 23 candles on that cake, and yeah, you know, it´s probably just me who loves cake decorations like that, maybe a bit infantile, but really cute)
The cake is a sponge cake filled with Nutella!

For the main course we had some roast pork, mixed salad, potato salad and bread, would guess some typical German food

Well for the dessert we had a mousse with white chocolate (I will give you the recipe later on, but it is really easy to do, and if you love white chocolate, that would be perfect for you), the mousse had some company with cherries.

And the last one, I wanted to show you - it´s a cake with a buttercream filling. And obviously, it´s a sweet hedgehog!

Well, that´s it for today! Have a great night.

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