Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

[NOTD]When all is said and done - Penguins Nail Art - for the last time this NHL season

The Pittsburgh Penguins' season came to an early end, as they fell short to the Philadelphia Flyers in game six in the first Playoff round, last sunday. Again a year without seeing the Pens moving to the Stanley Cup finals is a bit sad, knowing the potential, that team has.
Anyways, on tuesday the team had their clean-out-day, the guys took their equipments, and left the CEC for some loooong summer holidays.
It was sad to see, that this season is finally over now. A lot of things to regret, but we also saw some great things during the regular season from the Pens. Sidney Crosby came back (twice) after his concussion and Evgeni Malkin just scored 50 goals in one season for his first time.

To cheer myself up a little bit, while thinking the next season will just start next october, I created a Penguins Nail Art for the last time this season.

Did you know, that World Penguin Day was on April 25th and that there are about 17 different species of them?
Awww, I love penguins, not just the ones from Pittsburgh, but also the real animals.

Here we go:
I just thought, I should do something with blue and silver. You know, when I hear the word penguins and it is associated with the animal, I'm always thinking of ice and water. So I just did a base with blue/turquoise by using a sponge and stamped the penguins on my thumb and the ringfinger.

What I used:
polish: left to right: Maxfactor Dazzling Blue, Essence Open Water Dive,
Absolute Nails Lara, Manhattan Only 1, back P2 being in heaven,
front essence silver twister
Basecoat: Essie Help me Grow
Topcoat: Essie Good to go
Nail Polish:
P2 Being in heaven
Manhattan Only 1
Maxfactor Dazzling Blue
Essence Open Water Dive
Absolute Nails Lara
Essence Silver Twister

Stamping Plate: HB-41

So for the start I applied one coat of Essie's Help me grow, followed be 3 coats of P2's Being in heaven, and I am still not convinced, as you can see, the polish still shows my white finger tips, and is very milky. I guess I won't use it alone. I like the color in the bottle, but if you have to apply three or more coats, that's not how it should go.
1 coat of Essie Good to go, to finish the first part of the manicure.

Then I just started so sponge some blues and greens onto my nails:
I used Manhattan Only 1, Maxfactor Dazzling Blue and Absolute Nails Lara
Additionally, I put one coat of Essence Open Water Dive onto my index, middle finger and pinky.

To finish it, I stamped two penguins onto the thumb and ring finger with image plate HB-41 and essence silver twister. Topped with a coat of Essie Good to go.

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