Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

[NOTD] Please welcome the most beautiful of all months: MAY

I can't help, but I am so happy, that my favorite of all months is here - MAY!
Maybe I am a little bit biased, my parents got married this month and I was born some day in May 25 years ago, but it is one of the months, when the best days of spring are here and the flowers and trees (including my favorite one lilac) are blooming. It's a great month!

So to honor this month, I just decided to start with a little Nail Art in orange and pink:

l to r: Catrice King of greens, Essence Peaches, Manhattan # 46D,
57U, 56K 

This is what I used:
Essie Help me grow
Essence Peaches
Manhattan # 56K, 57U, 46D
Catrice King of Greens
Essie Good to go
Image Plates: Konad m-65, m-78

l to r: Konad m-78, m-65

First I applied 3 coats of Essences Peaches, a creamy yummy peachy color, like it for spring and summer:

Essence Peaches

Then I did some sponging at the end of my fingertips with Manhattan 56K:

Essence Peaches + Manhattan 56K

Last but not least I did some stamping:
Ring finger: Konad m-78 (left hand: Manhattan: 46D, right hand: Catrice King of greens
others: Konad m-65 Manhattan 57U

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