Freitag, 28. September 2012

10 thoughts on Friday

Hi there. How are you guys?

Well, I suppose, I should say, I am fine, but I am not that good. I still have a cold, had it for the last two weeks. Not a good start to be abroad in a new country.

Well, today I have 10 thoughts that came to my mind the last days and I wanted to share them with you.

1) Gosh I love my mom!

Just had a mail convo the other night and it made me smile to hear the news from home, all the greetings and wishes from family and friends is great and appreciated.
I am now in the monthly stage, that especially sets me in tears and so I am feeling a bit homesick. (Feel free to cheer me up guys! :-))
So it is just great to have contact with home, especially with my mum and my brother!

2) I am not sure that I want to have 4 kids myself!

I am totally unsure that I could give all four of the kids the same amount of love. Sure some people are dreaming of having a lot of kids, but that could also be very exhausting, you know, I can go to bed in the evenings, I am off the weekends, but being a parent is a 24/7 job, 365 days a year and usually the rest of your life. Sure, they will be grown up at some stage and gone, going their own ways, but you will still be their mum or dad, still be kind of responsible. Maybe more if you are a mother, you give birth to the child, it is a part of you, since the day the egg cell got impregnated your life will turn around 180°.
So I love this kids here, but I am still happy, that I am independent and don't have to care of my own kids.

3) When it's raining, it's raining in Ireland!

Although I am writing my notes with the sun in my back, since I am here there weren't a lot of days without rain or wind.
I don't care a lot about that fact, because rain is awesome. And when it's raining here its usually raining really heavy.
The other day, I had the laundry on the line outside in the garden and then it began to rain, so I went out and after seconds I was soaked. I needed to change my clothes, they were too wet.
But I have to admit, at days without rain, it is awesome and a joy to watch the sunset after a beautiful day, there is nothing more calming and enjoyable.

4) NHL and a lockout? Never saw that coming!

Well actually, at this stage you have to use sarcasm, it was almost clear, that there won't be any agreement since the day they started negotiating. And it was a long way to see that fact coming.
It's kind of ridiculous how things are working in american sports. It's not just the lockout in the NHL, that means that the owners of the teams and the NHL Player Associtation couldn't come to an agreement. No, the NFL also didn't get any terms setteled with the referees, instead they use amateur refs from High School, that made wrong decisions, that costed a team the win.
Can't stand that.

5) Don't know where to travel first!

Seriously, there is so much to see! Would guess, my first station could be Dublin, and of course, I want to go to the coast, and Galway maybe and to the south, Cork, and sure, I want to see the Cliffs of Moher and a lot of other locations with old churches and castles. So excited about that.
Well, before I left my home, I got a travel guide from my parents, with all the great sightings, so now, my next step is, to do a list with all the places, I want to see now.

6) Wow, I missed the nights with reading before going to bed!

Usually in Germany, I watched TV before I went asleep, now, I spend a lot of the time with reading.
First I started with a book in German, it was a crime novel and the only one I took with me, because I was lucky enough to get all my clothes with me.
So then, the former Au Pair just left the "Hunger Games" books behind, and I started to read them. And all I can say, it's really addictive, just spend the weekends and nights with reading. I am now in the middle of the second book and I love the story, really good to read, also in English, which is, so far not my mother tongue.
Nothing better than a cup of tea or coffee, an open fireplace in the autumn or winter and a good book, when the days are getting shorter.

7) Can't wait for Autumn and Halloween!

Well Halloween is really huge in Ireland. The kids are having Halloween costume partys at school and the family is going to have a bonfire here on the farm, it's going to be great.
I love it, when the leaves turn their colours, when the nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder, everything is getting calmer, the autumn chill is awesome, and everyone is going to be anxious for Christmas.
And it's more the culture about Halloween, that I am interested in, the origins, the custums long before Halloween went popular in the United States. Might be also that special "Supernatural" Episode that makes me love Halloween.

8) It was a long time, since I've painted my nails!

Well, actually, I did it on Wednesday! (Have a look here) But it was the first time since I am here. It was really weird for me, just to wear my plain nails. Mostly for the reason, that I don't like the shapes and structure of the nails, although I am using cream and oil as a treatment.
So it came really handy, that I went to the shopping centre the other day and got myself a treat, two new nail polishes at the H&M store.
I kind have the feeling, that I don't need every polish and I just buy the ones, that I like and that I don't have already. But I stood the last days in front of the Gosh products and admired the silver holo varnish. Till now, I haven't bought it.

9) The 50 shades of Grey - now I have them, too!

So, first I thought about writing: "Might've bought the "50 Shades of Grey" books", but now, I already did, not at the first sight, but I still got the three books for 20 Euros.
I first have to finish the Hunger Games before starting it. Not sure if it's worth it. I heard a lot of opinions from both sides. Lovers and haters.
Have to think about, when I've finished the first book, a blogger friend of mine thought the style of writing isn't the best one, for me that's very important, you won't read a book, if the style is not encouraging and interesting.

10) Note to myself - Not every scone tastes delicious!

There is nothing better than relaxing having a coffee or tea and a scone with jam or marmelade (sure a book and a fire in addition would be perfect). But since I am here in Ireland I got to taste some different scones and there is a reason, why a scone from the "Harvest Cafe" is about 2,20 € and why you can get 3 for 0,89 € at the Lidl store. The ones from Lidl are not only smaller, they are also a little bit dryer, some coffee would be great to have as an addition, the ones from the Harvest Cafe are just deliciously yummy. Just join me and sit down, have a cup of coffee and a scone with jam!

I wish you all a great weekend!

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