Samstag, 6. April 2013

A girl's weight-loss-journey #7 - Totally 10%

Hello there!
I hope you all have a wonderful sunny weekend, just like we're having in the middle of Ireland.
Today, I'll have my weekly weight loss update for you

Statistics and key information:
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Number of weeks: 10
Weight loss this week: -5 lbs, ~ 2,2 kg
Weight loss in total: -2st 5½lbs, ~14,9kg

Feeling: I lost 5lbs this week and I ate chocolates around Easter. Of course, I am more than happy! And with that, I also reached my 10% goal, and that means I am 10% lighter than I was 10 weeks ago! And I do that Weight Watchers programme only for this 10 weeks, and I am neither starving nor unhappy and I am feeling so good.
I also reduced my daily allowance this week (I started with 51, ten weeks ago, and now, I am with 46 PP). Actually, this was one of the things, I was afraid of, that I wouldn't cope with the reductions of my daily allowance, but actually, I don't miss the other points, I've used before. 
Especially during the last two weeks, I recognized, that I haven't had cravings for sweets in the afternoon. The last week (with Easter) I found it actually difficult, to use all of my daily points, but without being hungry or something like that.

Favourite food: Pasta & vegetable stir-fry, pasta & carbonara sauce
Favourite treats: Fish&Chips on Good Friday, it was Easter of course chocolates :-)

Goals & plans for the next week: Last week: honestly, I was walking a lot and for a longer time. I went to Galway's Food Festival, and walked the whole day, I also went to town, and walked back from there, what is a bit over an hour. I also walked my usual "small route" in the fastest time ever.
With the spring forward and the lovely sunshine at the moment in Ireland, I am so motivated, to go outside for a walk, it's such a great exercise and I recognized, that my thighs and bum got more toned, what makes me really happy.

Tips and thoughts: 
1. We usually believe, what we're telling ourselves, so maybe it's time to think positve, don't lose the confidence in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT.

Instead of saying 
I can't
I'll never
Nothing will change
I shouldn't 

I will lose weight
I am able to do it
I am capable
I can manage it

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