Sonntag, 21. April 2013

A girl's weight-loss-journey #8 - And life goes on...

Hello there!
I hope you had a great week and a wonderful weekend.
Last week, I was too busy and disappointed with the result, that I just gave it a miss. (For those who want to know the result, I lost 1lb the last week and I did a lot of exercise and behaved really well)

Statistics and key information:
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Number of weeks: 12
Weight loss this week: -5,5 lbs, ~ 2,5 kg
Weight loss in total: -2st  12lbs, ~18kg

Feeling: Yes, I was sad and disappointed after the last week and I was a bit unmotivated for the weeks to come, I thought, I had a really bad week, and I did not expect a good weight loss, and tadah, I lost 5 1/2 lbs. You see, every time, I am having a good feeling, I do not lose that much, and if I am feeling that the week was bad, I lose a huge amount. Crazy. But so, this means, I've almost lost 20kgs in 12 weeks, since January and I am proud and really happy. Hopefully, I will lose two pounds this week, so I would get a silver seven for 3 stone gone. That would be amazing, honestly!

Favourite food: Pasta & Carbonara Sauce, Spanish Omelette, Lentils with potatoes, chorizo, bacon & pepper

 Favourite treats: Fish&Chips, Buns

Goals & plans for the next week: Well, I walked a lot and long distances. I went to town the last Sunday, and to the centre, it's about a 5 km distance, so I walked 10kms in total and it took me about 1hr each way. So I want to walk a longer distance, at least one time a week, to improve my fitness levels. I really enjoy walking, and I do not mind, if there is rain or if it's cold and windy. 
And I want to concentrate on eating less rubbish, hopefully, I will fit in another Filling&Healthy food day.

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