Dienstag, 10. April 2012

[Hockey]NHL- the regular season is over - it´s time for the playoffs

So, last saturday was the last game day of the regular season in the NHL, and that means we are now heading to the playoffs, starting on wednesday April 11th, and that is just tomorrow!

I just wanted to give you a quick update, what matchups (best of seven mode) we are going to expect in the first round:

Eastern Conference:
New York Rangers (1st) - Ottawa Senators (8th)
Boston Bruins (2nd) - Washington Capitals (7th)
Florida Panthers (3rd) - New Jersey Devils (6th)
Pittsburgh Penguins (4th) - Philadelphia Flyers (5th)

Western Conference:
Vancouver Canucks (1st) - Los Angeles Kings (8th)
St. Louis Blues (2nd) - San Jose Sharks (7th)
Phoenix Coyotes (3rd) - Chicago Blackhawks (6th)
Nashville Predators (4th) - Detroit Red Wings (5th)

I am really excited about most of the Eastern Conference playoff games, especially the battle of Pennsylvania is going to be awesome, hopefully the Penguins could make it.
And I am also looking forward to the Blackhawks/Coyotes and Predators/Red Wings games.
It´s going to be a great April, May and June till the Stanley Cup finals.

Talking about the German players, that I mentioned in the post some days ago, we have now 4 out of 7 who will start in the playoffs (D. Seidenberg/Bruins, M. Goc + M. Sturm/Panthers, T. Greiss/Sharks). It is sad, for me, to see, that the Buffalo Sabres didn´t make it to the playoffs, it was very close, but the Capitals just managed it in game 81 to climb the final 8.

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