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[Hockey] NHL Playoffs 2nd round wrap up - Conference Finals Preview

The second round came to an end, and the 4 Conference finalists are the Los Angeles Kings and the Phoenix Coyotes in the West and the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils in the East.

Eastern Conference (Semis):

New York Rangers (1st) - Washington Capitals (7th) 4-3
This was the series, that finished last, and was one of the most thrilling ones. Examples? 1) The Rangers won game 3 in the third period of overtime, the game almost lastet two regular games.
2) The Rangers were down 2-1 in game five, facing a loss (would make 3-2 in the series for Washington) but with 6.6 seconds left, they tied the game and won the game in overtime after 1.35 minutes. 
Actually, this was the only series, that went to 7 games. Game 7 at Madison Square Garden in New York was decided by the Rangers with a 2-1 victory then.

Philadelphia Flyers (5th) - New Jersey Devils (6th) 1-4
Well, after the Flyers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in an outstanding and convincing way, I really tought, they had a chance to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. I was wrong, and I am not sure, what I could learn after a series, the Devils won against the Flyers. Were, the Pens that bad or did the Flyers just underestimate the Devils or were the Devils really that much better? I don't know. But I like the way, the Devils played.
After winning the first game in overtime, the Flyers lost 4 straight games and fell to the Devils in five. Sure, they had to deal with Giroux's suspension in game 5 (he got suspended because of an illegal hit to the head in game four), but they weren't really that strong as they were in their first series. (The factors that mattered for the games against the Pens, e.g. Powerplay, Claude Giroux didn't work out)
Fun fact: The team that scored first lost the game then.

Western Conference (Semis):

St. Louis Blues (2nd) - Los Angeles Kings (8th) 0-4
Wow, that was quick (a very lame joke, because the LA's goalie name is Quick)! Well I am a bit surprised, because the Kings eliminated the 1st and 2nd in the West and advanced as the first team to the Conference finals. (And now, they will face the 3rd in the Conference)
To be honest, I just saw one game and that was the fourth of this series, it was said, that this was, maybe, the best game of the Blues. Well then, congrats to the Kings.

Phoenix Coyotes (3rd) - Nashville Predators (4th) 4-1
So, the Western Conference Finals got the second team. Whilst the East was still batteling for the two final spots, the West was completed Monday night (May, 7th).
(I can't really say that much about this series, didn't see one game, unfortunatelly,just read the articles about it then)


Conference Finals

East: (sarting monday May 14th)
New York Rangers (1st) - New Jersey Devils (6th)

West: (starting sunday May 13th)
Phoenix Coyotes (3rd) - Los Angeles Kings (8th)
(LA won the first game in Glendale, Arizona)

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